Thursday, April 27, 2006

Particle pollution, a modern problem.

It is no secret that the exhaustion from cars, pollutes the air in our cities and causes thousands of deaths and sick people each year. Research shows that the exhaust particles can cause Cancer, various respitory disorders and heart disorders.

The same research also reveals and increase of air pollution in the morning and afternoon rush hours, along with and increase in the weekends.

It is the drivers themselves that are the most exposed to the deadly particles because the of the cars airintake is mostly placed in the from of the car in street level.
It is known that so called particle filters can reduce the particle pollution to almost nothing, and with no other effort than purchasing and installing the particle filter on the exhaust pipes of the car. The only reason this is still not common on todays cars are the lack of political will to legislate this.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

8 tips on avoiding terrorist attacks!

Please note that these tips are based on statistic calculations and risk management, made from terror incidents throughout the world and is based on the reader living in a large city in a country that have reason to fear terrorist attacks.

1- Avoid travelling with public transports (subway, busses, trains) Monday to Friday between 8 and 10 am.

2- Always take a seat in the far back of the buss, preferably a window seat.

3- Always seek to the far ends of the train or subway, and aim for a window seat.

4- Do not take seats near glass separators in trains, busses and subways.

5- Avoid crowds as much as possible.

6- Avoid travels to destinations in “risk” zones known to be crowded with western country tourists.

7- Do not sign up for Iraq.

8- When waiting for the bus, train or subway, stay at one of the ends of the station as they are less crowded and thereby a less chance to be targeted. This will also allow you access to the far end of the train or subway wagon which is the “best chance” seats.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rising emission of green house gasses.

Can one man stop a speeding train with one hand? No! Can one man stop increasing emissions in the US? Yes! Is he doing it? No!

George W. Bush wants to create more jobs, he also wants to cut the US emissions by 18 % within the next 6 years. But is it even possible to cut emissions and still have a growing economy? Experts say that it can not be done.

The US emissions of green house gasses are up 16 % from since 1990, and still climbing. This makes USA the biggest green house gas sinner. Further more, the USA have still not joined the rest of the world in the Kyoto agreement, which is designed to reduce the emission of green house gasses and combat global warming. But still, is it fair the point fingers at the USA? Just because they choose to protect their own interests, their workers, their way of living? After all, US companies do not only create work in the USA, their presence creates a lot of jobs worldwide.

Combating global warming and lowering the emissions of green house gasses can only be done in a united world, if the worlds largest emitter of green house gasses are not willing to join a global agreement. Then we must sit back down and come to an agreement that works for everyone.

If we took into consideration how many European jobs, US companies and US industry creates, im sure that an agreement could be made.

Man against machine!

It is a struggle that is very much equivalent to the famous match between chess genius Kasparov and the computer “Deep Blue”. On the 5th of May 2006, a team of wine experts are going up against the wine tasting machine “Scanwine” in a contest of who is best at determining the price of the wine. “Winescan” is developed by the Danish company Foss who is leading in the development of measuring instruments for the food industry. The machine is designed for analyzing and controlling wines in order to perform quality checks, and checking that the wine is ready for sale. But the machine can also be set to determine the price on a given wine.

The contest is going to stay within the category “North Italian wines” as the machine is specifically set for wines in this region. Wines differ a lot depending on what region they are grown in, so it would not be fair to go world wide, although the machine can be set to any region.

“I will be fun to see if our machine can actually beat the experts in their own game, although I have my doubts, because it is a very competent team of experts that our machine is up against. Says marketing director Jesper Jensen.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Reflections on the Mohammed crisis.

In the beginning of 2006, crisis struck Scandinavia, as the Muslim world launched a massive strike against Danish and Norwegian products as a response to the publishing of drawings picturing the prophet Mohammed in various situations.

The Muslim world demanded a formal apology from the Danish and Norwegian government and from the newspaper that printed the drawings. The attention was brought to the drawings by a coalition of imams in Denmark, who brought the drawings to the Muslim world with the intentions of bringing pressure to the Danish and Norwegian people and governments, making them abandon the principle of freedom of speech and submit to Islam.

Of course this created an impossible situation. Does the freedom of speech have boundaries? Can a government create laws against religious insults in the public media?

I do not think a government can or should do anything. The freedom of speech is a right we all have (or should have). But we should also use it with care and respect. What the Danish paper did was abusing the freedom of speech, using it to hurt peoples feelings and mocking their religious beliefs, and I hope it have been a lesson to anyone else not to play with religious feelings. Freedom of speech should be used to inform.. Not to insult.

All that aside, I think that the reaction from the Muslim world was childish and very disrespectful towards the various European countries that had their embassies burned and flags spit on.

A few weeks later it was found out that one of the Imams who started the whole crisis, had put forth bomb treats towards a Danish politician on hidden camera. When confronted with his own threats he simply replied the "He was just making fun" "He didn't mean any disrespect" .. Well "We were just making fun" "We didn't mean any disrespect".

This crisis does reveal that we need more dialogue between western countries and the Islamic world, and by dialogue I do not mean the kind that Bush is practicing in Iraq and soon to be Iran. I mean debating, and learning more about one another in order to prevent insults and misunderstanding one another.

Let’s see beyond the problems and fear that a few fanatics create, and let the majority prevail. Through dialogue we can build bridges that lead to a peace and understanding that no fanatics or warmongers can break down.