Saturday, April 22, 2006

Swedish woman attacked by lion.

During a safari in Tanzania, Africa A Swedish woman was attacked and bitten in the back by an adult female lion. The attack happened when their landrover got stuck in the mud and the five tourists had to get out and push the car. The lion jumped out from the bushes in the side of the road, and plunged its corner teeth into the female tourists back.

One of the men and the driver attacked the lion with wooden sticks, which made the lion give up on its afternoon snack.

Sources says that the female tourist is doing fine at a hospital in Nairobi.

(VG-Nett avisen, Norwegian language paper.)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Beer as gasoline?

Fuel cells can create energy though simple chemical processes without a combustion process or polluting. This is why it is known as clean energy, and why it is so attractive to optimize this for commercial use.
The fuel cell is driven by hydrogen which among other things can be found in alcohol. This means that you can create a fuel cell that runs on whiskey or beer.

The only problem is that it is not yet energy efficient using hydrogen cells when compare to the regular fossil fuels we use today. There is no doubt in my mind that one day our cars will run on hydrogen when one day we have found a way to easily create hydrogen from water. Energy for hydrogen production could come from wind parks, or ocean wave energy.

There would be plants for hydrogen production, and gas stations would become hydro stations.

I know this is still a dream, a thought, a prediction… But that is imho where it all begins.

Blind man beats up deaf man.

Just wanted to share this one with you.

A 60 year old blind man from Sweden rang the doorbell to the house of a deaf man in his neighbourbood this tuesday.

The blind man had apperently had a bit too much to drink and wanted to find out what time it was. Eventought the blind man were drunk, the deaf man understood what the blind man was asking by reading his lips but he did not understand that he was blind so he reach out his arm in order to show his watch was.

The blind man took the silence as offence and punched the deaf man in the face and knocked him to the floor. After his first attack, the blind man lost his balance and fell to the floor himself.
This allowed the deaf man to escape and call the police writes the Swedish paper "Ekspressen".

Hitchhiking Cops.

A female driver was waved to the side by two police officers yesterday morning in Copenhagen, Denmark. The two officers did not wan't to see license and registration or check for alcohol.
They wanted to catch a ride to a nearby car crash.

On the way to the scene their patrol car had broken down, and they had to obtain a "civil transport" as it is called in police language.

The story does not state if the two cops were put on "foot patrol" the rest of the day.

Oil Vs Hydrogen.. Which one?

Wow.. What a debate i started here.. But an interesting one aswell!
You see suddenly it is not about cheap clean energy, it is about political orientation, coverups and corruption. The world is and addict, and it is buildt on its addiction.

Controlling the energy is controlling the world. If you no longer control the energy, you no longer have control. I suppose most people have doubts about what will happen and when it will happen and with good reason. What happens when we come out of our addiction, our happy ride on oil? will we go into depression? or will you see a more balanced and happen world?

What does happen when we no longer have to fight over resources? Will we ever stop fighting about resources? And still oil is more than just gasoline .. Its the plastic covering in your car. Its your sportsbag, its your childrens toys.. I dont think we will get rid of oil anytime soon. But i do believe that we will replace oil as a fuel.
All this are questions and thoughts.. What do you think?

Wind Energy goes out to sea.

The best place to obtain optimal conditions for wind mills are at sea. Having wind mills at sea opens up for larger mills and more energy obtained per mill.

Around the world, wind mill sea parks have already been up and running for serveral years, and with very good results. (Maximum energy harvest and no envioronmental impact)

In Denmark there are plans of 4000 MW sea wind parks before the year 2030 and in England the construction of a new park at the Kentish Flats is just the first of many sea wind parks in England. The park at the Kentish Flats consists of 30 3 MW turbines, which gives a maximum output of 90 MW.

Meanwhile there are plans of designing even larger wind mills with output of up to more than 5 MW per mill and the development is far from over in this field.
Read more about the Kentish flats energy farm in the UK.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Norwegian wave energy with huge potential.

Besides being one of the largest producers and exporters of crude oil in europe, Norway is also leading the research in wave energy.

With the stormy north sea in their back yard, Norway has one of the best places in europe for harvesting the energy in the oceans waves.

The union of the oil industry in Norway, estimates the crude oil resources to last for aprox 50 years. Finding alternative and cheap energy resources are therefore a priority in Norway.

In 2004 the Norwegian company "WaveEnergy AS" was established, and set out to develop a concept known as SSG or Seawave Slot Cone Generato).
A plant was established on the Norwegian island of Kvitsoy and this was based on "storage champer" concept.

The waves pushes the water up from the ocean into holding champers that a placed in different heights. This water is then lead back to the ocean via turbines thus creating power. The test construction is planned to be a 10 meter wide construction of the SSG concept with an estimated capacity of 150 KW.

Wave energy has a huge potential and it is estimated that wave energy alone could provide more than 10 % of the worlds energy demand.

More and more countries are showing interrest to this new energy resource. Government and private funding, along with studies like the one in Norway will help make wave energy a reliable energy resource within the next 10 years.

A note to this post.

Think about this.
What if 30 meters of waveenergy construction, placed at the coast or inside the pier of the habour could provide energy to a community of up to 1000 people? Think about the money saved and the enviromental aspects of this if most of the small coastal communities along the USA did have this?
Anyway, just a thought.

China wants alternative energy.

The economical boom in China has caused a huge rise in the need for energy. The chineese government have among other things, buildt a large damn in the yangtze river, and are now planning on huge wind energy parks.

It has long been expected that China would order huge wind parks, and this was confirmed when an official order was placed at wind mill producer Vestas in March.

So far, China ordered 280 wind mills with a capacity of 850 KW a piece. This gives the wind mill park a capacity of 238 MW which is equivilant to a small coal plant. This is only the beginning and it is expected that china may purchase more wind mills later this year.

Students drive 15 miles on 0,35 ounces of Hydrogen!

Students from the Danish college of technology (DTU) have develeped a new and innovative fuelsystem which eleminates the loss of hydrogen in a fuel cell.

By eleminating the loss of hydrogen in the fuel cells, the Danish students have made hydrogen power "cost efficient" and have layed a major piece in the hydrogen engine puzzle.

The new fuel system was developed while working on the new hydrogen car "DTU Dynamo". Last year the car set a new world record by driving 15 miles on 0,35 ounces of hydrogen. This equals to the 450 miles per gallon of gas.
This new invention has already been patented, and a new development is said to be underway.

Good job guys!

Rising oil prices creates fear of unemployment.

With oilprices rising to more than $ 70 per barrel, economical growth seems far away, and companies plan to lay of expendable workers in order to keep their heads above water.
In many european countries we have already seen a turn in the economical growth, and a small rise in unemployment. It is feared that the price will rises to a new record of $ 80 per barrel.

Higher oilprices causes reduced consumption in the private sector, less production and investment and thereby less work. The high oilprices are caused by the current conflict with Iran and by new predictions from the US energy department.
This situation once again stress out the need for us to grow independent of oil from the middle east, and set our seights on alternative sources of energy.