Sunday, September 17, 2006

International Talk Like a Pirate day.

This Tuesday you will get the chance to let out your inner pirate and growl at people around you, as it is the international “Speak like a pirate day”.
There is no political agenda, just good clean and pointless fun!
It all began when a couple of young guys started using pirate phrases while playing racket ball in their local gym. Today the whole world is grrrr’ing away on September 19th as it is the international “speak like a pirate day”. The 3 friends John Baur, Mark Summers and Brian Rhodes began spreading the message after their Racket ball session, and the world followed with great enthusiasm.
Being the season of the second Pirates of the Caribbean film, is very helpful in the promotion of the day.

So when sitting in your cubic office, or standing in line at the local store on Tuesday, remember that it is okay to let out a “Grrrrr”, “Arrgggg” or a “Lets sink those land lovers”.

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