Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get your own submarine!

It looks like a luxury yacht and have a top speed of 25 knots above water and 3 knots when submerged!

The civil submarine, “Proteus” is developed in Dubai and makes it possible to dive with the boat and not from the boat. Fixed chairs on the deck, allows for up to 15 divers to sit outside the boat when diving and a pressurized cabin allows for up to 8 passengers to sit inside the vessel while diving. Like any other modern luxury yacht, the “Proteus” comes in a modern design and with all the necessary luxury.

The vessel looks like an ordinary fibreglass hull and all of the 45 ton heavy vessel can be submerged. A 1200 horsepower diesel engine, drives the boat while surfaced and a 200 KW electric engine, powers the boat when it is submerged. The boat / submarine have an effective range of 50 miles when surfaced and 4 miles when submerged.

This is the top-of-the-pop in hobby submarines, and if you are willing to pay 6 million US dollars, she can be yours.


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