Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fish aren’t as dumb as we think.

The old story about how fish can only remember 3 seconds back, are not true according to Australian scientist Dr. Brown. The patient scientist has spent the last 10 years, studying and testing fish and their ability to remember. The results are very surprising and reveals the fish do very much remember. In one test, Dr. Brown placed a rainbowfish into a net with a hole in it. After about 5 attempts the fish escaped. A year later, the same fish was put into the same net again. This time the fish found its way in the attempt proving that the fish remembered the way.

The same behaviour has been found in fish living in the wild, a lot of things indicate the fish have special routes which they use when feeding, which then leads us to believe that the fish remembers these routes.
“My tests proves that fish has the same ability to remember routes as people do, says a very pleased Dr. Brown.”


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