Thursday, May 04, 2006

Russia on ethanol

Russia is planning on opening a new factory that produces bioethanol, the factory is scheduled to begin production in 2007 and have an annual output of 300.000 tons of pure ethanol produced from 900.000 tones of grains.

It is the plan to sell this product to the European market who is currently experimenting on mixing gasoline with bioethanol.

Bioethanol is spirits gained from plant materials like wheat grains, and it is CO2 neutral. This means that it does not produce more CO2 than it would if it was left to rot in the fields. Furthermore, - The CO2 created by the plant material is equalized by the amount of greenhouse gas which the plant absorbs while growing.

Bioethanol can be mixed in gasoline in a 90/10 ratio (90 pct gasoline and 10 pct ethanol) thereby reducing the world consumption of gasoline by 10 %. It can also be used to replace the gasoline additive MTBE which is a major water pollutant.

The initiative by Russia is a small victory for grain producers, the environment, world oil and gas prices and to the world as a whole. It brings is one step close to ending our oil addiction.

Let us hope that this new factory will help as an eye-opener and make ethanol in gasoline popular.


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