Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google in top gear.

According to the Financiel Times, Google have become the second most popular place to work among MBA graduates. This helps to manifest Google as one of the most powerful IT companies in the world and there seems to be no stopping them.
Among common internet users, Google is the helpful tool which is used by them on a daily basis, on work and at home. It is a company that a regular internet user does not give much thought, the design of their page gives of an impression af a rather simple and modest company. In fact Google is a giant. It shapes the internet, and is big enough to influence mighty microsoft.
It has gone from beeing just a part of the internet, to being one of the blocks on which the net rests.
By introducing the "Google earth" it became more than a search engine. It became a tool. It will be rather interresting to see what the future holds for Google, and what they will use their influenze on.
Read more about Googles new position as the second most popular company at www.ft.com


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