Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Aquarium fish causes fire.

The killahenas family barely survived a fire caused by the aquarium fish "Kipper" in their home in Poole, England.As mentioned, it was the aquarium fish "Kipper" who caused the chain of events that lead to the almost fatal fire.
It all began when the fish "Kipper" apparently got into a fight with another resident in the fish tank, and in the heat of battle accidently splashed som water from the tank and onto an electric outlet.
This caused the aquarium light to shortcircuit and overheat, which caused the plastic lit on the fishtank to melt. The warm plastic dripped onto the sofa and it caught fire which quickly spread to the rest of the livingroom.
Meanwhile 25 year old Sharron and her two children Nicole and Kerry on 6 and 2 years where soundly sleeping on the 1st floor of the house.
Lucky for the family, the owner of the house Simon Justice was woken by the smokealarm, and managed to wake and save the family in due time.
The only loss of life in the fire were the fish "kipper" and the rest of the aqaurium residents.


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