Friday, April 21, 2006

Wind Energy goes out to sea.

The best place to obtain optimal conditions for wind mills are at sea. Having wind mills at sea opens up for larger mills and more energy obtained per mill.

Around the world, wind mill sea parks have already been up and running for serveral years, and with very good results. (Maximum energy harvest and no envioronmental impact)

In Denmark there are plans of 4000 MW sea wind parks before the year 2030 and in England the construction of a new park at the Kentish Flats is just the first of many sea wind parks in England. The park at the Kentish Flats consists of 30 3 MW turbines, which gives a maximum output of 90 MW.

Meanwhile there are plans of designing even larger wind mills with output of up to more than 5 MW per mill and the development is far from over in this field.
Read more about the Kentish flats energy farm in the UK.


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