Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rising emission of green house gasses.

Can one man stop a speeding train with one hand? No! Can one man stop increasing emissions in the US? Yes! Is he doing it? No!

George W. Bush wants to create more jobs, he also wants to cut the US emissions by 18 % within the next 6 years. But is it even possible to cut emissions and still have a growing economy? Experts say that it can not be done.

The US emissions of green house gasses are up 16 % from since 1990, and still climbing. This makes USA the biggest green house gas sinner. Further more, the USA have still not joined the rest of the world in the Kyoto agreement, which is designed to reduce the emission of green house gasses and combat global warming. But still, is it fair the point fingers at the USA? Just because they choose to protect their own interests, their workers, their way of living? After all, US companies do not only create work in the USA, their presence creates a lot of jobs worldwide.

Combating global warming and lowering the emissions of green house gasses can only be done in a united world, if the worlds largest emitter of green house gasses are not willing to join a global agreement. Then we must sit back down and come to an agreement that works for everyone.

If we took into consideration how many European jobs, US companies and US industry creates, im sure that an agreement could be made.


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