Friday, April 21, 2006

Oil Vs Hydrogen.. Which one?

Wow.. What a debate i started here.. But an interesting one aswell!
You see suddenly it is not about cheap clean energy, it is about political orientation, coverups and corruption. The world is and addict, and it is buildt on its addiction.

Controlling the energy is controlling the world. If you no longer control the energy, you no longer have control. I suppose most people have doubts about what will happen and when it will happen and with good reason. What happens when we come out of our addiction, our happy ride on oil? will we go into depression? or will you see a more balanced and happen world?

What does happen when we no longer have to fight over resources? Will we ever stop fighting about resources? And still oil is more than just gasoline .. Its the plastic covering in your car. Its your sportsbag, its your childrens toys.. I dont think we will get rid of oil anytime soon. But i do believe that we will replace oil as a fuel.
All this are questions and thoughts.. What do you think?


At 7:02 AM, Blogger bready said...

This world should really be entertaining the question of hydrogen as a fuel source rather thatn oil as a fuel source. Hydrogen burns cleaner meaning less destruction on the evironment and also burns cheaper. The vast abundance of hydrogen also plays a role in investigating the uses of this resource.


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