Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Man against machine!

It is a struggle that is very much equivalent to the famous match between chess genius Kasparov and the computer “Deep Blue”. On the 5th of May 2006, a team of wine experts are going up against the wine tasting machine “Scanwine” in a contest of who is best at determining the price of the wine. “Winescan” is developed by the Danish company Foss who is leading in the development of measuring instruments for the food industry. The machine is designed for analyzing and controlling wines in order to perform quality checks, and checking that the wine is ready for sale. But the machine can also be set to determine the price on a given wine.

The contest is going to stay within the category “North Italian wines” as the machine is specifically set for wines in this region. Wines differ a lot depending on what region they are grown in, so it would not be fair to go world wide, although the machine can be set to any region.

“I will be fun to see if our machine can actually beat the experts in their own game, although I have my doubts, because it is a very competent team of experts that our machine is up against. Says marketing director Jesper Jensen.


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