Wednesday, April 26, 2006

8 tips on avoiding terrorist attacks!

Please note that these tips are based on statistic calculations and risk management, made from terror incidents throughout the world and is based on the reader living in a large city in a country that have reason to fear terrorist attacks.

1- Avoid travelling with public transports (subway, busses, trains) Monday to Friday between 8 and 10 am.

2- Always take a seat in the far back of the buss, preferably a window seat.

3- Always seek to the far ends of the train or subway, and aim for a window seat.

4- Do not take seats near glass separators in trains, busses and subways.

5- Avoid crowds as much as possible.

6- Avoid travels to destinations in “risk” zones known to be crowded with western country tourists.

7- Do not sign up for Iraq.

8- When waiting for the bus, train or subway, stay at one of the ends of the station as they are less crowded and thereby a less chance to be targeted. This will also allow you access to the far end of the train or subway wagon which is the “best chance” seats.


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